By Vittorio Sgarbi

“Bosco is a poet, a Sicilian poet […] His work tells us something that is a feeling, an emotion, a dream”

Vittorio Sgarbi

Vittorio Sgarbi talks about the artwork “Altalena sulla luna” (Swing on the moon) by Giacinto Bosco, giving his accurate interpretation and capturing its deepest essence.

Bosco’s work represents the idea of a nature in which woman and love are the connection point between what is above and what is below us. Altalena sulla luna teaches us this: to go from earth to heaven, to go up, until you get to the moon.

Sicily, dream, love: putting together all these elements, Bosco’s work becomes a dream and, in this case, the moon becomes the foothold for a swing that lifts you up there.

The sculpture Altalena sulla luna is on display at the exhibition NOVECENTO. Artisti di Sicilia. Da Pirandello a Guccione in Noto, at Convitto delle Arti Noto Museum, up to April 30, 2021.