Giacinto Bosco was born in 1956 in Alcamo, Sicily, a village in the municipality of Trapani.

The necessities of daily life and his curiosity led him to join local workshops where he was tutored and guided by experienced artisans.

At 15, he moved to Milan. His artistic vocation made him embrace the profession of caster in an art foundry, a magical meeting place for sculptors and artist who stimulated and inspired him.

He attended the Bramante Artistic High School in Milan where Prof. Teruggi encouraged him to pursue his own artistic path.

In 1990 he became a member of Società per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente (known as La Permanente). In the following years, he received his first public commissions: The Light (1997), in Rescaldina, the Statue of John Paul II (2006), in Arese, A Peaceful World (2008)

for the City of Garbagnate; then the Monument dedicated to the Carabinieri who fell in Nassiriya (2008/2009), in Borgosesia; and, in the same year, the Statue of Pope Benedict XVI in Santa Maria di Leuca.

His artistic production does not stop, as he takes part in many collective exhibitions, such as the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale in Turin.

In a poetic dimension that is transformed and shaped by his imagination, just like in a dream, Bosco begins to construct his sculptural narrative, in particular his Aphorisms of the Moon.

He will then present this cycle of art works at his first Personal Exhibition held at Franco Senesi Fine Art Gallery in Positano, Amalfi Coast, with the title Che fai tu, luna, in ciel? Dimmi, che fai, silenziosa luna?

His oneiric world is created: the characters of his tales animate his creative expressions and take him back to his origins. This way, he sentimentally returns to his homeland Alcamo through the exhibition Rosa Fresca Aulentissima. A tribute to Ciullo d’Alcamo, poet and dramatist from the 13th-century Sicilian School, presented by the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi.

Human primordial and simple feelings solemnly take shape in his poetic sculptures which are welcomed with a personal exhibition in Capri at the White Room Gallery of the Liquid Art System. After Capri, the exhibition travels through many different international exhibitions in Moscow, New York, Instanbul and Miami.

Bosco participates in Expo Belle Arti Lombardia project, promoted by Regione Lombardia, for the 2015 Universal Exposition, displaying his works in Expo Milano and many other prestigious locations.

The village of Castelsardo, Sardinia, has chosen for its new square the sculpture Colgo la luna, tribute to Leopardi and his poems.

Through the years, the oneiric dimension of his sculptural tales enters into a dialogue with different expressive languages in many personal and collective exhibitions, on a national and international scale, in cities like Pietrasanta, Milan, Dublin and Hong Kong.

He is inserted in important historical paths, above all Novecento. Artisti di Sicilia, a major exhibition in Noto that follows a century of Sicilian art History. Events as such are proof of his role in the contemporary art world.

The art critic Paolo Levi states that every creation of Giacinto Bosco, realized through the lost-wax casting process, demonstrate his rare ability to merge historic memory to an innovative and non-conventional technique.

Pathos and ratio, dream and reality reconcile in a pure, magic and authentic feeling thanks to the artist’s sensibility. His sculptures intensify the real meaning of his portrayal, glorifying the return to a simple, essential poetry and a narration out of time and history.