FLY ON. Giacinto Bosco & Antonio Sannino


The joint exhibition of Giacinto Bosco and Antonio Sannino, “Fly On”, opens its doors at Abdi İpekçi No: 38 Nişantaşı, Galeri Selvin, from November 12 to December 12, 2020. Bringing together the most characteristic works of two famous Italian artists, the exhibition invites you to a moment of discovery where the audience can see the world from the artists’ window.

“Fly On” exhibition takes art lovers on a journey through the inner worlds of Italian artists. Both artists need to explore till the deepest point what they see and express these feelings artistically in their works.

Known for his keen observations of human nature, Bosco’s works take visitors to the sky as they embraced the romance of the most beautiful love stories. Taking its inspiration from nature and city landscapes, Sannino reveals sea artifacts with the most authentic colors that water creates while wrapping an intangible texture. In the city works, the energy, lights and chaos of the city are felt with all its intensity.

Founder and Curator of Galeri Selvin, Selvin Gafuroğlu: “I am very excited to exhibit the works of Giacinto Bosco and Antonio Sannino, two of our favorite artists. It is wonderful to witness these beautiful stories told by Giacinto Bosco using clay, iron, bronze and heart. Antonio Sannino, on the other hand, goes beyond the two-dimensional limits of the canvas and takes us around the cities and waters he’s inspired by. In his depictions of the sea, he conveys the light and slipperiness of the water through emotional confrontations.”

Giacinto Bosco & Antonio Sannino

12 November – 12 December 2020

Galeri Selvin

Abdi İpekçi No:38 Nişantaşı, Istanbul

Opening hours


11:00 am – 07:00 pm