GIACINTO BOSCO. DOPPIO SOGNO. L’amore tra mitologia e mitografia

From 11 June to 11 September 2022, Iseo (BS) pays tribute to Giacinto Bosco (Alcamo, TP, 1956), one of the most accredited and recognizable figurative sculptors of the Italian art scene, among those who continue the classical tradition of the twentieth century.

The Lungolago and L’Arsenale host 40 bronze works, including monumental works, able to retrace the creative path of the Sicilian artist.

The exhibition, entitled Doppio sogno. L’amore tra mitologia e mitografia (Double dream. Love between mythology and mythography), curated by Angelo Crespi, organized by the Municipality of Iseo, in collaboration with Fondazione L’Arsenale, with the patronage of Regione Lombardia, Provincia di Brescia, Comunità Montana del Sebino Bresciano, with the contribution of Liquid Art System by Franco Senesi and of CUBRO Fonderia Artistica, presents a series of large sculpturesthe most impressive one is 6 meters high-, that best represent the poetics of Giacinto Bosco, in which the solidity of bronze is put at the service of the lightness of the feeling of love.

The municipal administration of Iseo, after the excellent result of 2021, has decided to replicate the event in 2022 with an exhibition of great figurative and representative impactmantains Cristina de Llera, council representative for Culture of the Municipality of Iseo -. I am sure that, thanks to these fascinating works by Giacinto Bosco, the “LUNA” will be able to perform the miracle of bringing the lake closer to the sky”.

Some of Bosco’s creations revolve around the theme of the moon, one of his most characteristic and recognizable expressive figures, in which elementary and poignant figures, who often yearn for contact with the Earth’s satellite, seem to hover while swinging on swings hanging from the sky, or trying balance exercises by holding themselves up on chairs and stairs, climbing ropes.

From them shines the solemnity of ancient and primary sentiments, such as that of human amazement before the nocturnal star, which was sung by poets such as Ariosto, Leopardi and Borges and which inspired musicians such as Beethoven and Debussy who, in turn, are cultural and traditional models for BoscoBesides these works there are those in which the artist reflects on the myth of love.

The work of Giacinto Bosco – says Angelo Crespi – focuses on the mythography of love, that is, on rewriting the feeling of love in a mythical key. However, there is no archaeological temptation, if anything the representation in a modern and symbolic key of the desire for love. Bosco’s mythology is in fact a personal and universal one as a reflection on the particular and the greatness of the art of grasping eternity in the fragment is precisely here; his figures have the lightness of a work by Peynet or Folon but in the solid resistance of bronze, heavy yet light they are a plastic representation of the longing desire that unites women and men”.

Catalogue Electa.

Love between mythology and mythography

11 June – 11 September 2022

Iseo, Lungolago & Arsenale

Curated by Angelo Crespi

OPENING: Saturday 11th June, at 11.00 AM


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