Giacinto Bosco at Villa Treville Positano

Giacinto Bosco’s sculptures will create a dream atmosphere at Treville Positano, in an appointment scheduled for September 1st as part of the aperitifs at sunset.

Protagonist of this Sunset with the artist, Giacinto Bosco narrates with his works many love stories, particularly his passion for the Moon. Born in Sicily in 1956, he moved to Milan to attend Bramante Artistic High School, where Prof. Teruggi encouraged him to develop his artistic talent.

His sculptures, steeped in romanticism and dreaminess, tell the artist’s sensitivity and his journey through a poetic, almost nostalgic dimension.

His pieces are rendered in full relief using historic bronze sculpture techniques and encourage the observer to reflect upon his unique ability to combine historic artisan craft with highly original execution techniques outside the formal historical canons. Figures are accennate and straightforward, and they encourage the cultural investigation and subjective introspection of the works, which communicate both candid lightness and arcane allusion.

His sculptural sensitivity creates a lyrical synthesis and poetic awakening of sensibilities whose meanings seemed to have been lost.

With the perfect setting of the Treville, the sculptures of Giacinto Bosco and their moons, will get lost in the wonderful sky of Positano, and Sunset with the artist – Giacinto Bosco will allow immersion in a fairytale reality in which the presence of the artist will help involvement.

Sunset with the artist - Giacinto Bosco

1st September 2021 – 6:00 pm

Villa Treville Positano

With Liquid Art System