Giacinto Bosco, born in 1956 in Alcamo, obliged by the necessities of daily life, found his way to local workshops where he was tutored and guided by experienced artisans.

At 15 he moved to Milan where his vocation led him to embrace the profession of artistic caster, which he still practices today. The foundry where he worked became the meeting place for sculptors and artist, whom he drew insipiration and stimulation.

He attended the Bramante Artistic Lyceum in Milan where Prof. Teruggi encouraged him to develop his artistic talent.

In 1990 he became a member of “Società per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente” (known as “La Permanente”) and he received his first public commissions: “The Light” (1997), in Rescaldina; then, the Statue of John Paul II (2006), in Arese; “A Peaceful World” (2008) for the City of Garbagnate, followed by the Monument dedicated to the Carabinieri who fell in Nassiriya (2008/2009), in Borgosesia; and, the same year, the Statue of Pope Benedict XVI in Santa Maria di Leuca.

In the meantime, he participates also in many collective exhibitions, such as the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale in Turin.

Afterwards, his “Aphorisms of the Moon” take him into a poetic dimension that, like in a dream, his imagination transforms and moulds into sculptures. This journey towards maturity leads him to his first Personal Exhibition, at Franco Senesi Fine Art Gallery  in Positano.

His passion and his dedication grow as time goes by, to the point where he feels the need to express his work in his homeland Alcamo and express his creations through the exhibition Rosa Fresca Aulentissima – a tribute to Ciullo d’Alcamo, poet and dramatist from the Sicilian School during the XIIIth century – presented by the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi.

His poetic sculptures celebrate humans’ primordial simple feelings in an artistic journey started with a personal exhibition at the White Room Gallery of the Liquid Art System in Capri, through many different international exhibitions in Moscow, New York, Instanbul and Miami, to his participation to Expo Belle Arti Lombardia, promoted by Regione Lombardia by Vittorio Sgarbi in 2015 and displaying his works in the many prestigious locations of Palazzo della Ragione in Mantova, Villa Bagatti Valsecchi in Varedo and Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta.

He brings his oniric vision later on in 2017 in Salò, in a dialogue with the insanity-themed Museo della Follia and in Sardinia at Castelsardo square, where his permanent sculpture Colgo la Luna – a tribute to Giacomo Leopardi’s poetry – can be found.

The art critic Paolo Levi describes Bosco’s works as a rare ability to merge historic memory to an innovative and non-conventional technique of lost wax casting. As a result of this fusion, his sculptures represent a perfect combination of pathos and ratio and they intensify the real meaning of his portrayal, glorifying the return to a simple, essential poetry and a narration out of time and out of history.